Sports Autograph Mystery Boxes

Sports Mystery Boxes

While many collectors and fans prefer a sure thing, others like to take a chance. An RSA mystery box adds excitement to the quest for new memorabilia. We offer dozens of mystery combinations, from the classic autographed jersey mystery box to vintage trading cards and replica balls. If you're lucky, you might get an item that far exceeds what you paid for it - and regardless, you're still receiving a fun collectible.

Random Certified Authentic Collectibles

Select a mystery sports box to see the details - as many as we can provide without spoilers, that is - about what you're receiving. Our huge assortment of football mystery box sets might include signed jerseys, footballs, helmets or all of the above. There are also mystery boxes for basketball, hockey and baseball fans. You can end up with baseball bats, hockey pucks, boxing gloves and many collectibles signed by the game's GOATs.

Do you love all sports? You'll get a real kick from our Mystery Sports Memorabilia ANYTHING Box. It includes one random signed item from the RSA catalog for those who love a bit of a gamble. A Gold Mystery Autograph Box or Platinum Mystery Autograph Box turns the thrills and the value up to 11.

Certified Sports Keepsakes

One thing is guaranteed when ordering a sports memorabilia mystery box from RSA: you'll receive genuine merchandise with autographs that are authenticated by trusted third-party services. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee against any shipping damage or other issues. (Please note that, per our policy, mystery boxes are not eligible for return.)