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Autographed MLB Baseball Helmets

RSA has the largest signed baseball helmet catalog for fans of the diamond. Many fans have dreamed of putting on an MLB batting helmet and going deep. Ordering autographed helmets lets you experience it vicariously through the sluggers who did - or the pitchers who sent them down swinging. It will be a unique addition to any collection, looking game-ready in a display case or on a shelf.

We cater to fans from every generation by getting signed batting helmets from players past and present. From MVPs and Hall-of-Famers to unexpected World Series stars, you can snap up dozens of new batting helmets bearing a genuine signature. Full-size and mini souvenir MLB batting helmets give you even more options in your quest for the perfect collectible.

Trust RSA for MLB Memorabilia

The number one question serious collectors always ask is, "Is it real?" Here, the answer is always yes. RSA works with James Spence Authentication (JSA) and other credible agencies to ensure every autographed baseball helmet we sell is the real McCoy. We make sure the logo and artwork are correct, too. A certificate of authenticity is included with your order, and we welcome all our customers to get the signature verified for themselves. We have a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

Hit a home run with your next baseball memorabilia purchase by choosing signed new baseball helmets from RSA. Since we go directly to the player for every autograph, we're able to offer the best prices so collectors don't need an MLB salary to afford their favorite items.