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Genuine Autographed Baseballs

Whether you're looking to start a signed baseball memorabilia collection or add to one, the actual baseball is a great place to start. The shape and look of the ball has remained the same for well over a century, making it a timeless part of a timeless game. Getting a baseball signed by a legendary player forms a lasting connection to that player and the team(s) they led.

At RSA, we help casual baseball fans, avid collectors and professional memorabilia dealers alike hit a home run. We have the largest MLB signed baseball catalog featuring hundreds of players who made their mark. Do you long for the glory days of the eighties? Shop for baseball autographs from Paul Molitor, Goose Gossage, Darryl Strawberry, Jack Clark and others who defined the decade. For newer fans, we have plenty of 21st-century baseball favorites. We have the lowest prices to ensure you get the best signed baseball value.

MLB Baseballs Signed and Certified

There are no hidden ball tricks or other sneaky plays at RSA. All hand-signed baseball autographs are verified by JSA, Beckett or another independent organization. The baseball comes with a certificate of authenticity that you can display alongside it or keep in a safe place.

Type a player name into the search bar to see the current offerings. It nothing comes up, check back soon - we're always doing private signings and attending industry events, growing our collection so you can grow yours. Our 100% money-back guarantee is unmatched in the industry, leaving no question that you're shopping from a trusted memorabilia dealer.