What is a Group Break?

Welcome to RSA group breaks!

In a group break, multiple different people pool their money to "Fill a break."  Once all spots in a break are purchased, the box will be opened on the next live stream and if the spots you ordered hit, you get the item!

This is NOT a guaranteed item. Only if the spot you ordered matches up with what comes out of the box will you be shipped the item.


8 different people pick their own division in a 3 mini helmet for $29.99, including Tommy who orders the NFC North spot.

On the live stream, a Bears helmet is pulled out of the box. Tommy hits! And is now the proud new owner of an autographed Dick Butkus Bears specialty mini helmet.

And there are still 2 mini helmets to be ripped! Let's see who gets them!?

Make sense?

All necessary information regarding pick your team or division this can be found in the product titles and descriptions.

We also offer personal breaks.

In a personal break, you will always be sent an item. In these style breaks, you choose the box that you want, and whatever comes out of the box is yours to keep.

We have new breaks available every week!