Maria Shriver Signed 2017 Color Your Mind Softcover Book - A Coloring Book For Those With Alzheimers/People Who Love Them (JSA)

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Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer's and the People Who Love Them is an innovative book filled with both information and inspiration. Authored by award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and Alzheimer's advocate Maria Shriver and developed with insights from caregivers, neurologists, psychologists, and, of course, people with Alzheimer's, it is written as a resource for caregivers, family, and friends to help forge communication and connection with people with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Coloring is a creative outlet, a way to relieve stress, and even a way to connect with other people--all benefits that contribute to overall well-being. This paperback edition of Color Your Mind is personally autographed on bookplate by Maria Shriver. JSA Sticker & Certificate of Authenticity.